Печатни ръкави - Печатни ръкави DANTEX

Carrier Sleeves give greater speed and exibility by using pre-mounted plates for quick changeovers. These are very efective for short-runs, repeat jobs and design alterations; sleeves can be taken off press and stored with plates mounted on them. Sleeves that serve solely as carrier rolls have imaged plates mounted to sleeves offline, which are then installed onto cylinders at the print station using compressed air to expand the sleeves for positioning.

 Universal advantages:

  • Very eective for short-runs and repeat jobs.
  • Provide excellent lay down of solid and metallic inks.
  • Greater productivity and exibility.
General Technical Specifications
Various sizes available according to customer specification.
  • Maximum Length: 2000 mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 400 mm
  • Inner sleeve - berglass, Kevlar or Carbon Fiber.
  • Wall - polyurethane foam.
  • Outer sleeve - polyester composite or aluminium.
  • Stainless steel notch and mounting lines (optional).
  • Precision Grinding TIR ≤ 0.025mm
  • Face Length Tolerance DIN ISO 2768 T1C
Dantex sleeves are manufactured to the highest specication using the latest precision grinding techniques. When making your sleeve specication it is important therefore that strict measurement criterion are adhered to. To ensure complete accuracy whenordering a set of Dantex Sleeves please specify the following information:
  • Number of sleeves required
  • Sleeve length
  • Inner Diameter – or International Stork Reference
  • Print length – (circumference)
  • Plate thickness used
  • Tape thickness used
  • Notch specication
  • Line Marking

Basic Sleeve – Non-coated
Durable breglass sleeve for rubber and photopolymer coating applications. Available wall thickness from 0.6mm to 1.6mm.
Key Features:
~ Lightweight yet dimensionally stable ~ Multi-layer resin and breglass
~ Rough outer surface allows excellent bonding ~ Can be combined with various bridge adapters
Solid Sleeve - Thin
A high precision, non-compressible breglass sleeve for conventional plate mounting with adhesive tape. Can be used for label and
exible packaging applications and combined with various bridge adapters. Inner sleeves are made from a combination of
Fibreglass and High Density Foam expertly bonded with Elastic Cellulose-based resins, which allow increased exibility yet maintain
dimensional rigidity. Available wall thickness from 0.6mm to 2.5mm.
Key Features:
~ Lightweight with long lasting durability ~ Easy tape dismounting
~ Notch between breglass layer for extra durability ~ Repeat length up to 600m
~ Stainless steel notch and mounting lines (optional) ~ Unique scratch-resistant gel coat
Solid Sleeve - Thick
A breglass sleeve coated in multi-layer Ultra Light Polyurethane foam for excellent dimensional stability; primarily for use in label
and exible packaging applications. Available wall thickness from 3mm to 100mm.

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