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HARRIS & BRUNO - Doctor Blade Chambers

Doctor Blade Chamber

Harris & Bruno International’s Chambered Doctor Blade System continues to provide state-of-the-art technology to the ever-changing printing industry.
 H&B Chambered Doctor Blade System:
Offered on a variety of platforms
Allows for higher press speeds
Able to produce thicker inks & coatings
Eases frequent color changes
Various levels of automation available
Specialized chambered doctor blade systems designed specifically for flexo, offset or corrugated applications
Proven expertise at designing custom orders
Tilt Mechanism
Allows for quick blade & seal changes
A convenient way to manually tilt the system back away from the anilox roll
On very large or heavy systems, an optional air-assisted tilt mechanism is provided
Hydrocomp™ Linear Loading
Combines the rigidity of a mechanical system with automatic compensation for blade wear
Maintains a uniform blade angle
Increases blade life over mechanically loaded systems
Industry’s most advanced blade-loading technology
 Tool “Less” Chamber Blade Clamp Option 
Magnetic, pneumatic or mechanical ways to hold the doctor blade in place
Don’t have to use screwdriver or any tool to change doctor blade
Quicker make-readies increase productivity
Custom Mounting Design
Easily & quickly remove entire assembly
Allows for chamber interchangeability
Custom-Engineered Porting Configurations
Our experienced staff of engineers excels at understanding your needs in order to use the latest technology to create porting configuration specific to your equipment and needs
HiFlow Chamber Technology
High flow rate design significantly reduces micro bubble formation
Promotes efficient replenishment of anilox roll cells with less aeration of coating
Small cross section requires less ink/coating to charge system & has reduced end sealing area