New machines

HARRIS & BRUNO - Web Coaters

Web Coater for Inline UV Applications

Harris & Bruno has recently introduced a web coating machine with both spot and flood coating capabilities. Primary applications are for decorative and/or functional UV coatings on commercial and publication web presses. Additionally, direct mail printers as well as web folding carton printers have applications for this type of in-line equipment. The coater is configured to apply coating to a single side of the web and is custom designed for each specific press line.


Wob Coater for Priming/Coating

  • Integrated Web Centering
  • Isolated Tension Control
  • Infeed & Outfeed Idler Rolls
  • High-Powered IR Dryer
  • Inline Priming or Coating
  • Capable of Running Near Line
  • Fully integrateable inline with HP T400 Press
  • Can be utliized away from press with dedicated unwind and rewind
  • Inline priming allows cost savings of not having to purchase pre-treated media
  • Innovative H&B chambers deliver high-quality priming/coating performance