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KAMA - Cutting, Creasing, Hot Foil Stamping

KAMA ProCut 58 Foil - DieCutter

New value added to your post-press processes: The world’s first finishing die cutter ProCut 58 Foil for a size of 580 x 400 mm boasts a multitude of applications. For excellent print products with classy hot-foil stamp, embossing or hologram. Also as a valued security feature for vouchers, tickets and brand protection. Offer your customers noble finishing also of small runs profitably and efficiently. 
Be it printed matter or packagings, offset or digital printing.


  • Versatile use: 10 different applications with a single machine
  • Very quick job set-up (just 5 minutes) thanks to KAMA's principle of a removable heating plate
  • Highly flexible use for finishing and refining tasks
  • Highest register accuracy (less than 0.1 mm)
  • New: motor-driven pressure control system
  • New: timed air blast system to facilitate foil detachment
  • Space-saving design (footprint less than 5 m²)
  • Efficient finishing of small and personalised print runs

Further options

  • NEW: AutoRegister, aligns each sheet to a print mark
  • Upgrade for hologram stamping
  • Quick-change heating plate system for hologram and hot foil clichés
  • New: cutting pressure indicator in the display and overload protection
  • Magnetic plate for cutting and kiss-cutting of filigree contours
  • Special chase for existing smaller dies
  • New: two separately controllable foil feeders
  • Module for hot cutting and creasing of plastic materials


KAMA ProCut 76 Foil - Finishing Die-Cutter

Can do what the customer needs: The versatile ProCut 76 Foil with no less than 10 different applications makes your post-press processes highly flexible to satisfy the customers’ needs. And profitable for you. For hot foil stamping, hologram application, and cutting, creasing, perforating, kiss-cutting and blind embossing. Be it commercial products or packagings. Great benefit: Job set-up is done in a jiffy. To give you the chance to process and finish even the smallest and personalised print runs in a profitable way. NEW: The KAMA AutoRegister adjusts each sheet to a printmark and secures high accuracy also with digitally printed and cut sheets.


KAMA DC 76 Foil ASB - Die-Cutter

Fast changeovers, best registration: When it comes to short-run folding carton production the DC 76 Foil ASB provides all applications needed to turn digitally printed sheets into the precisely die-cut and 100 % separated blanks - including finishing with hot foil and hologram if desired. Highly efficient, highly profitable and in the high level of quality brand manufacturers demand. Flexible and network compatible, the "short-run expert" DC 76 Foil is the ideal post press partner for your digital printing press.

Special features and benefits

  • Multifaceted use: die cutting, creasing, embossing, Braille embossing, perforating, hot foil stamping, combined hot foil stamping and embossing (relief)
  • USP: KAMA SBU for inline stripping and blanking without the need for tools (!)
  • USP: KAMA AutoRegister aligns each sheet to a print mark for highest precision with digitally printed or cut sheets (+/- 0.1 mm)
  • Flexible use according to the actual job (die cutting/cold embossing, finishing)
  • Universal chase for dies of all sizes
  • Very quick changeover (just 10 minutes) thanks to KAMA's principle of a removable heating plate
  • Motor-driven pressure control system (MPC)
  • Quick-change heating plate system for hologram and hot foil clichés
  • Timed air blast system to facilitate foil detachment
  • Energy-saving: six separately controllable heating zones 
  • Space-saving design
  • Ideal for converting and finishing high-quality folding cartons which have been digitally printed e.g. on an HP Indigo 30000 digital press

Further options

  • Upgrade for application of holograms 
  • Cutting pressure indicator on the display and overload protection
  • Module for hot cutting and creasing of plastic materials


Positioning system KAMA CPX

Save time twice: First, clichés are fixed to the mounting plate at highest register accuracy in a single step with the cliché positioning system KAMA CPX. And secondly, another job can still be running on the cutting machine while you prepare the die. The CPX can be used for all positioning work for hot foil stamping, hologram stamping and cold embossing jobs, but also for setting up cutting dies.


  • Saving in set-up time

Quick cliché mounting at highest register accuracy outside the cutting machine.

  • Precise positioning

The CPX reads the work files directly, computes the target position and indicates it on the monitor. The actual cliché position recorded by a camera is laid on top on the monitor without shades.

  • Easy to operate

The clichés are mounted to the indicated target position is one step. Thermal expansion of mounting plate and clichés is calculated and compensated for automatically.

  • Versatility

For any positioning work on hot foil and hologram stamping modules, magnetic plates, hot cut systems and universal chases.

KAMA OptiFoil - Foil rewinder

Tailored hot foil reels: OptiFoil serves to cut hot foil in-house to size specifically for each individual stamping job. Directly when needed. In the desired foil width and length. This saves you time and money, makes your production more flexible and speeds up job processing.

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