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MERLIN - Measuring devices

Air humidity and temperature measuring devices

These convenient, pocket-sized devices enable fast, simple, and accurate determination of climate data such as relative air humidity, temperature, dew point, and equilibrium wood moisture content in production and storage halls.

merlin® also offers various devices for recording climate data, thereby allowing the climatic conditions to be checked over a longer period of time.

Convenient measuring device for measuring the relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and UGL equilibrium wood moisture.

Professional data logger system for recording current climate data. The associated software offers various ways to display the measured values.

Multifunctional measuring device in a practical format.

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Paper moisture measuring devices

These accurate pocket-sized devices are ideal for mobile quality control of various types of paper.The paper moisture can be accurately determined to effectively prevent material changes caused by temperature and humidity.

Special device for measuring the absolute paper moisture or changes in moisture caused by storing stacks and roles of paper. Suitable for kraft paper, packaging paper, and cardboard.

Convenient measuring device for determining the relative humidity, temperature, and dew point. This measuring device is especially suitable for split-second, simple moisture measurement in stacks of paper.

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Wood moisture meter

Short production times and high quality standards are the key to success. The non-destructive moisture meter from merlin® are an indispensable aid. They are used to measure raw timber as well as semi-finished products, veneers, parquet, furniture and windows.

The new precise EVO series measuring devices are available with three different measuring depths for various applications. As soon as the measuring device is pressed against the object to be measured, the measuring field changes. This change is processed and evaluated by the processor. The display shows the moisture content in percent.

Your benefits:

  • Extended measurement range from 0.175 to 1.075 g/cm3

  • 21 preprogrammed timber groups

  • Wood type and density selectable via display menu

  • High-resolution 128 x 64 matrix display

  • Temperature indicator on display

  • Display lighting

  • Hold function (e.g. for overhead measurements)

  • Softcase included

  • Measuring depth indicator and measurement evaluation

  • Economic design with rubberized grip for a perfect hold

  • Automatic calibration function

  • Menu languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Russian

  • Quick calibration curve selection

  • Non-destructive measurement

  • Accessories and special sensors

HM8 series measuring devices are available with four different measuring depths for various applications. As soon as the measuring device is pressed against the object to be measured, the measuring field changes. This change is processed and evaluated by the processor. The LCD display shows the moisture content in percent.

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Building moisture meter

A substrate that is too moist transfers the moisture to the installed wooden floor that then expands as the wood swells. The result is a warped floor.

Building moisture measuring devices from merlin® enable fast, simple, accurate, and above all non-destructive measurement of the moisture content, for example in plaster, to prevent any consequential damage to the installed floor.

With the EVO CC plaster moisture meter, you can check the moisture of the plaster in several locations within seconds and instantly decide whether the substrate is dry enough. There is no faster or less expensive method of testing the moisture content of plaster.

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Combo measuring devices

The MOISTEC-PRO wood/building moisture measuring device can be used for two different applications without having to change devices. The easy use simplifies daily control measurements of wood moisture in the 2% to 65% range and of building materials in the 0.1% to 35% range.

Combination measuring device with material moisture sensor for determining building moisture and air humidity.For controlling the ambient climate, equilibrium moisture content, air and surface temperature as well as for long-term recording of climate data.

Combination measuring device for determining wood moisture and air humidity. For wood products with planed surfaces and for measuring air humidity and temperature. Optional accessories: external sensors for measuring relative humidity, dew point, and UGL

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Biomass moisture measuring devices

All woods are not created equal – especially when they are too moist. Too much moisture greatly reduces the fuel value of wood and impacts its weight. The merlin® biomass and raw timber moisture measuring devices make it easy for producers, dealers, and customers to determine the current moisture level. They can reliably calculate prices and also prevent heating system problems.

merlin® offers three different precision devices for precise and reliable moisture measurement of raw timber, woodchips, barks, pellets, miscanthus, plane shavings and sawdust.

All three devices are calibrated in an accredited test lab and are available in the standard version or optionally with a PC interface, USB adapter, and analysis software.

Measuring device for fast and precise determination of moisture content in woodchips, barks, pellets, miscanthus, plane shavings and sawdust.

Measuring device with lancet probe for determining the moisture content in woodchips.

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