New machines

ZECHINI - Luxury rigid box machines

Roby 1800 Box

Roby 1800 Box is an automatic casemaker which can produce:
  • single-piece cases, usually grooved;
  • three-piece cases for hard cover books;
  • cases made of up to five pieces, for special jobs such as religious books;
  • cases with full or half lining;

Technical data:
  • Max. size 1000 x 600 mm
  • Max. mechanical speed: 24 books per minute
 At the delivery of the Roby 1800 Box it is possible to connect a unit for the application of magnets - Magneton.



Automatic machine for the insertion of up to four magnets into pre-punched holes on cases.
It is connected at the delivery of the Roby 1800 Box casemaker.
Ideal for production of boxes with wrap-around cases or RevoBox foldable boxes.


Automatic machine for the application of double-sided adhesive tape onto the RevoBox foldable boxes.
It is connected in-line with the Roby 1800 Box casemaker.

Roby One Box

Gluing and mounting machine which allows gluing of "wings" onto cases.
Two-up gluing device;
A device to mount a tray onto a case.


Automatic device to mount up to two boxes simultaneously onto 5-piece cases.

The machine is composed of:
  • an automatic case feeder;
  • a hot melt unit;
  • a box positioning station;
  • delivery.
Technical data:
  • Box size: 50 x 50 x 10 cm.
  • Max. mechanical speed: 1200 cycles per hour.
It is possible to connect this unit in line with any kind of tray making machine.


Automatic station for gluing of wings inside 5-piece cases in order to obtain a RevoBox foldable box.

The machine is composed of:
  • an automatic case feeder;
  • a hot melt unit;
  • a station for the application of wings;
  • a wing folding station;
  • a delivery.
 Max. mechanical speed: 1200 pieces per hour. 


Cardboard grooving macine which produces neither noise nor dust. It allows production of cases and/or boxes with a square angle. Upon request the machine can be supplied with an automatic unloading system which piles boards directly onto a europallet.

Technical specifications
Cardboard thickness: 1.5 – 3 mm
Max. cardboard size with feeder: 850 x 500 mm
Max. cardboard length without board feeder: >500 mm
Min. cardboard size with feeder:150 x 70 mm
Number of blades: max. 5
Min. distance between blades: 28 mm
Max. mechanical speed: 35 m/min
Noise level: <80 db="" div="">
Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase
Rated power: 1.9 kW
Machine dimensions: 160 x 155 x h. 123 cm
Gross weight: 1500 kg
Optional equipment
Extra V-shaped blade (90° or 120°) € 140
Set of 5 blades with respective supports
(please advise if 90° or 120°) € 3,800
Sharpening device € 3,100




A solution for the production of rigid luxury boxes, both those with a lid as well as those with a wrap-around case.
The Bonsai line was developed especially for short and medium runs.

It is composed of:
  • a gluing and mounting machine (both for boxes as well as 5-piece cases);
  • an automatic box wrapping machine;
  • a unit that turns in the case from all four sides;
  • possibility to insert magnets on the case;
  • inside lining of the case.

Bonsai consist of Mephisto Box and Cannon.

The Mephisto Box ensures accurate mounting of a grey board box 
onto a glued sheet of covering material. It can also be used to produce 5-piece cases which form an outer shell of a box.

The Mephisto Box features:

  • a corner trimming device
  • a vacuum table
  • a gluing unit
  • a box positioning device
  • a combined turning-in and pressing unit
The machine can work with all the usual covering materials: paper, laminated paper, photo paper, fabric, padded cardboard, artificial leather, etc.

Mode of operation:

After having previously cut off the corners from a sheet of covering material, the operator passes the sheet through the gluing unit in order to apply glue on one side. He then lays the sheet in register on the vacuum table and accurately mounts a grey board box with the aid of the positioning device. The end result is a rigid box with the sheet of glued covering material attached underneath the base.

The Mephisto Box can also be employed for the production of the outer shell of a rigid box. Usually this is made of an appropriately grooved single piece of cardboard but with an optional positioning device it is also possible to produce cases made up of five individual pieces of  grey board.

Technical specifications:

  • Max. mechanical speed: 150 pieces/h (actual output depends on the operator and job)
  • Standard voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase (others available upon request)
  • Rated power: 2250 W
  • Compressed air consumption: 100 l/min at 6 bar
  • Packing dimensions: 1.43 x 1,23 x h. 1.75 m
  • Gross weight: 360 kg
Gluing unit: 
  • Type of glue: hot (animal)
  • Max. gluing area: 52 x 74 cm
  • Tank capacity: 3 kg
  • Motor power: 0.18 kW

Turning-in unit:

  • Max. size of open case: 70 x 50 cm
  • Min. size of open case: 14 x 14 cm
  • Board thickness : 1.8 - 3 mm
  • Covering material weight: 80 - 140 gsm
  • Minimum turn-in required: 18 mm
  • Motor: 0.3 kW

Optional equipment:

  • Corner closing device                                                                             
  • Roller press function (without turning in)                                                   
  • Option for 5-piece covers                                                                                     

Cannon features:
The Cannon wraps a sheet of covering material around an open rigid box. The operator places a box with a sheet of covering material attached at its base in a wooden form with suckers. As the form descends into the machine the box is with the covering material wrapped from all four sides. The finished product is ejected on a roller incline.
The machine can be used to produce both rigid boxes and the corresponding lids (in two passages).

Technical data:

  • Max. box size: 500 x 450 x 140 mm
  • Min. box size: 60 x 60 x 20 mm
  • Max. mechanical speed: 450 boxes/h (actual output depends on the operator’s ability to place the box on the mold)



Gluing, mounting and turning-in machine for tubular boxes.

The machine is composed of:
  • a device for side gluing of the sheet;
  • a sheet forwarding system;
  • a mounting and turning-in station.


An automatic machine which inserts a thermoformed tray into a box.
It can also apply a die-cut piece of board which serves to cover the tray.

The unit is composed of:
  • a tray feeder;
  • a system to forward and stop the box in perfect register.
Max. mechanical speed: 1200 pieces per hour. 


A machine for automatic filling of boxes with thermoformed trays.

It is composed of:
  • a Delta robot programmed by lead-through teaching;
  • up to 5 product feeding channels;
  • box transport system with stop in perfect register;
  • possibility to apply the lid onto the box and other functions.
 Max. mechanical speed: 3000 pieces per hour. 


Automatic line composed of:
  • C.I.P. : RevoBox maker  (specific details above).
  • Tray: thermoform denester and inserter.
  • Hawk: Robotic Box filler with teaching by demonstration programming.
Max. mechanical speed of the line : 900 pieces per hour.
Possibility to apply the lid onto the box and other functions.