Hi-Tech Coatings is the market specialist in the development and manufacture of high-performance coatings used by the printing and packaging industries.

Hi-Tech Coatings is offering the broadest range of clear coatings designed to perform on your specific graphic applications like Sheetfed offset, Flexo, Gravure, Narrow Web, Screen and Digital applications to cover all customers coatings needs.
Our experience and knowledge of polymer formulation and coating machinery ensures that you benefit from the latest innovative developments, which can be practically applied by your coating equipment.

Hi-Tech Coatings can service all your coatings needs from high gloss to full matt finishes, functional barrier coatings, and products which display specific resistance performance.

UV curable coatings, offline and inline applications

  • High Gloss coatings
  • Matt coatings
  • Foil blockable and glueable coatings
  • Special solutions for Twin coater technologies (sheetfed offset)
  • Low odour during process and after curing

Water based coatings

  • High gloss, gloss and matt coatings for single and double side applications
  • Heat resist coatings
  • Barrier coatings
  • Blister Coatings
  • Primer systems
  • Anti slip coatings
  • Duct emulsions

The product range of Hi-Tech Coatings covers water based and ultra violet curable coatings. Hi-Tech Coatings provides a rapid response to market needs, developing novel coatings both for sale and for contract to other trade suppliers. 

Hi-Tech Coatings has two production sites, one in the United Kingdom and one in the Netherlands. 

Our certified Quality and Environmental Management System ensures that customer requirements are met across all processes. 
Hi-Tech Coatings will adapt the Management System to meet changing demands in a process of continuous improvement.