PERFECTA Schneidenmaschienenwerk GmbH

PERFECTA Schneidmaschinenwerk GmbH located in Bautzen, Germany is a High-Speed Cutters and three-knife trimmers.


The PERFECTA line of product includes a range of machines for post-print paper processing with great emphasis on product safety and profitability.

PERFECTA offers top quality and reliable products, ranging from the “stand-alone” machine to the fully-automatic cutting system.
A vast array of peripherals for application before, during and after the cutting process are also part of the PERFECTA product line, inclusive:

  • loaders
  • pile lifts
  • automatic joggers
  • pile turners
  • unloaders
  • transfer tables

With 120 staff members and business activities in more than 70 countries all over the world, PERFECTA secure the production process with a comprehensive service of  Perfecta  machines.
Close cooperation with the customers and users relationships enable PERFECTA to identify and meet market requirements to find perfectly tailored solutions.
With PERFECTA the customers are in the position to increase: the quality of the products, the output, as well as customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads into higher turnover.