Retain the good things from tradition and create the new from our own strength’. With this ideal, Böttcher has developed for more than 285 years, today still a private company, which has expanded and established itself on the world market. Guarantors of our success are over 1,800 employees, who pursue two goals with equal dedication. First, they want to completely understand the subject with which they are occupied, and secondly, everything they do has to directly contribute to the benefit of their customers.

That’s how they developed until today, remaining an innovative, medium-size company. Always directly oriented on what the customers want. Always with the absolute will to achieve the highest quality. They have grown with the demands customers placed on them. First within the field of rollers, then with the development of exactly matched printing chemicals and blankets. Today Boettcher is active in a range of applications far beyond the graphic arts industry.

A constant dynamic between innovation and tradition has developed. They translate values and professional ethics which have grown through many generations into ever better solutions to the evolving demands of their customers.

 Boettcher does their own research and development, produces the world over in their own manufacturing plants and have built up their own sales and service organization. That’s how we would present Böttcher to you today: self-made quality as the basis for the economic success of their customers.