Perfect ambient climate has a name: merlin®

As a specialist for air humidification systems and measuring devices, Merlin Technology GmbH, whose roots go back to 1995,
stands for excellent quality and top service. Our roots are in Upper Austria and customers around the world reap the benefits of our work.
Like, for example Mercedes, Audi, and VW. Like FACC, Bosch, and IKEA Like Velux, Canon, Hipp and Nestlé.

They all appreciate the merlin® reliability, perfection, and quality.
And we are proud to be able to say that our products and services have contributed to the success of these – and many other – companies.
Because only a perfect ambient climate provides the conditions needed to improve productivity, success, and well-being.

merlin® has won many innovation awards and has multiple ISO certifications.

And all this for a single purpose:

to offer our customers superior humidification technologies.