CODIMAG is a French manufacturer of intermittent-feed presses for the label market. They developed a unique technology Aniflo, based on dry offset technology, using an anilox.

Codimag offers machines ranging from 340 to 420 mm width.

All machines could be equipped with following inline options: 

- Hot-Foil stamping

- Flatbed foiling and embossing unit

- UV-Flexo printing unit

- Semi-Rotary Die-Cutting

- Semi-Rotary Screen Printing Unit

- Semi-Rotary Embossing Unit

- Laminating Unit

Codimag offers also a machine called Viva 340 evolution, with a fixed configuration (6 Aniflo offset units for expanded gamut printing, without finishing units, same model as digital press). This solution is the best alternative to digital press, with the lowest cost and investment, with the highest quality of Offset, the flexibility of Digital, and a maximum productivity.

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